WAHO Memberships

Regular Member (WAHO)

Licensed physician in the practice of oncology/hematology and up to 5 allied healthcare professionals in his/her practice who meet the requirements for Associate Membership.

Associate Membership (WAHO)

Allied healthcare professional who has a demonstrated interest in the care, treatment, and management of cancer patients and does not join with a Regular Member or Group.

Group Membership (WAHO)

Five physicians in a healthcare institution (hospital or academic) or group practice who meet the requirements of Regular membership qualify for Group membership. Dues: $400 per group of five physicians. Any group that is also a Cancer Program Member of ACCC may add an unlimited number of associate members at no extra charge.

Group - Additional Physicians (WAHO)

Additional physicians who meet the requirements of Regular membership.

Group - Additional Support Staff (WAHO)

Additional support staff.

Group Associate (WAHO)

Fellow (WAHO)

Physician enrolled in oncology/hematology training program.

Retired (WAHO)

Physician eligible to be a Regular member but is retired.