HSCO Memberships

Regular Membership (HSCO)

Physician oncologist specialist in active practice in HI and US Associated Pacific Territory

Associate Membership (HSCO)

Allied healthcare professional who is interested or involved in the care of patients with cancer.

Group Membership (HSCO)

Four physicians in a healthcare institution (hospital or academic) or group practice who meet the requirements of Regular membership qualify for Group membership. Any group that is also a Cancer Program Member of ACCC may add an unlimited number of associate members at no extra charge.

Group - Additional Physicians (HSCO)

Additional physicians who meet the requirements may each join as part of the Group.

Group - Additional Support Staff (HSCO)

Each group may enroll up to five support (non-physician) staff as Associate members free of charge. Additional support staff may join at $25 each.

Associate Group Membership (HSCO)

Member-in-Training (HSCO)

Healthcare professional in an approved hematology-oncology subspecialty training program or any student with a strong interest in hematology-oncology and is sponsored by an active member.

Retired (HSCO)

Oncologist eligible to be Regular member, but is no longer practicing oncology or hematology.